Charlie Sheen Torpedoes Chicago with ‘Winning’ Explosion

Charlie Sheen made a massive comeback after his ‘bi-losing’ streak in Detroit. Fans ahead of the ChicagoViolent Torpedo Of Truth’ show were skeptical he could ever recover.

In fact, this might be just the biggest roller-coaster recovery for an actor turned one-act-wonder we have ever see.

Following his Detroit Show, the reviews of his performance were so bad that it looked like his entire tour may have to be canceled.

Taking place at the historic 3,600 seat Chicago Theatre, the venue was ideal for sheen’s onstage rants, and the crowd cheered, although there were some sour grapes. Criticism of his performance was hard to come by, but emcee ‘Scoleri’, was criticized by fans leaving the venue for taking the spotlight. At the end of the day, people wanted to hear Sheen only, not other people in his stage entourage.

Can the ‘Bi-winning’ actor make his tour into a big success? There’s a good chance if he remains consistent with last night’s hilarity.

Charlie Sheen in Chicago