We Held ‘The Million Dollar Mic’ at the Giantto Watches offices in Hollywood.

From Left to Right – Sara Castillo, Anthony Giantto, Matt Plunkett, Daniel Haim and Nicholas Hardy at the Giantto Offices copy

We’re absolutely chillin’ in Los Angeles, thinking about the awful weather that’s been hunting us for the past 6 months in New York, we’re relaxing, meeting influential people and enjoying the moment. Some of the highlights from the past two days were hanging out with an incredible upcoming FACTORY311 photographer named Matt Plunkett who has photographed huge names including Chris Brown, Tyga, Kendrick Lamar to name a few.. hanging out with our beloved friends Nicholas Hardy & Sara of FACTORY311.. to meeting Jun from Deadline Clothing (link), & stopping by the Giantto offices down in North Hollywood.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Anthony Giantto, the CEO of Giantto (link) after Matt has completed the 2011 S/S campaign for the company. Giantto’s timepieces and designer jewelry is a really sleek collection. Check them out. From marble to onyx, to custom made jewelry – what I loved best about their luxurious watches is how you can continue to customize them to your own style. During our meeting there, Anthony introduced me to Giantto’s “Million Dollar Mic”, I am not an expert but that looked pretty expensive. I think, maybe the most expensive microphone out there. The million dollar mic is a Shure Microphone said Anthony, oh and it’s also topped with shiny 650ct encrusted diamonds. Not to mention that it has been used by artists like Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown,..

Check out the mic’ in the picture to the right, (double click it to get the “high res” of it).