Jenn Sterger Wants Life Back, Claims Favre Scandal Has Made Her No Money

When the Brett Favre-Jenn Sterger scandal came to light, many assumed that Jenn Sterger was trying to cash in on Brett Favre’s fame by claiming she had been harassed. However, Sterger has revealed that she hasn’t “made a dime” off of the scandal and says she is not trying to make any money.

“I never wanted to sue anyone,” Sterger said. “That was never an intention of mine.”

Sterger also says that she wasn’t trying to be “gold-digger” and claims that the Favre scandal has turned her life upside-down. Sterger also noted that she never intended to play the victim in the incident. Check out what Sterger had to say in the Good Morning America interview below. You can also scroll down to see a hilarious parody of Brett Favre and his indecisiveness and the sexting scandal.

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Jenn Sterger Good Morning America Video