TUMI Introduces a line of Eyewear Collection

As I reported yesterday, lifestyle, accessories and travel brand TUMI have premiered its first line of sunglasses for this Spring. The Traverso Collection features 13 innovative sunglass designs engineered to deliver style and performance. The Traverso collection, Italian for “to cross,” takes inspiration from iconic bridges around the world – from the Akinada in Japan to the Tobin in the U.S. Pretty cool names ha?

“With this collection, Tumi extends our diverse portfolio of premium lifestyle offerings, bringing its customers the very best in premium eyewear design,” says Tumi CEO Jerome Griffith. “As a lifestyle brand, eyewear is a natural extension for Tumi. Utilizing technically engineered materials and skilled designs each style presents a harmonious balance of form and function. The eyewear collection speaks to the brand’s DNA and is a continuation of Tumi’s philosophy of design innovation.”

All of the sunglasses in the collection are engineered for performance, fit and function, employing the latest technology and materials. Renowned lens manufacturer Carl Zeiss developed an exclusive Tumi ZR3™ CR-39 Polarized lens that offers superior optical and visual performance while delivering outstanding polarizing efficiency. Tumi ZR3™ is an exclusive, transparent lens coating created by Zeiss that allows dirt, water, oil and dust to slip off the surface of the lens, reinforcing Tumi’s commitment to infusing the highest level of quality into all of its products.

Traverso frames are constructed for strength and flexibility, using beta titanium, featherweight aluminum, handmade acetate and non-corrosive stainless steel. Hand-wrapped leather treatments, special acid- and laser- etching techniques, and unique injected rubber temple tips all evoke classic Tumi style.

The Collection will launch spring 2011 and be available in all Tumi stores worldwide. Prices range from $265 to $325.

The Traverso Collection includes:

The Akinada — Named for the suspension bridge in Hiroshima, Japan, these sunglasses convey the look and feel of a man constantly in motion. The ultra-light, one-piece molded aluminum frame has an adjustable nosepiece. The temples feature a rubber co-injected tip modeled on the shape of a Tumi stylized zipper-pull. The matte finish is available in Dark Gun Metal with a Black tip or Raw Aluminum with a Black or Matching aluminum rubber tip. $275

The Brooklyn — Like the beloved bridge spanning the East River in New York City, this style communicates durability and practicality. The stainless steel frame is treated with a special acid-etching technique to create the pattern and texture of the iconic Tumi ballistic nylon. The style also features “rings of Saturn” temple tips: cast metal with two rubber rings for style and grip, inspired by the design of a Tumi zipper pull. Available in Black, Gunmetal, Chocolate Brown and Red. $295

The Capilano — As evocative as the bridge in Vancouver, British Columbia, this lightweight navigator in stainless steel will appeal to the sophisticated traveler. Taking inspiration from iconic Tumi premium designs, it has an allover satin finish and a stylish pattern acid-etched on the temples surrounding the logo. The temple tips have leather inserts, reminiscent of Tumi zipper-pulls. In Black (Satin) or Brushed Silver. $265.

The Coronado — Like the well-traveled bridge in Southern California that connects San Diego to Coronado Island, these sunglasses represent design excellence. The handmade, acetate front is attached to smoothly contoured acetate temples; the bottom half of the temple is hand-wrapped in finely textured leather. The temple features an imbedded T logo. A unisex style in Black, Brown Horn or Smoke Horn. $295

The Esplanade — Named for the bridge that straddles the Singapore River, this modified aviator frame is created from titanium block for a comfortable and modern masculine look. Carbon fiber temples mimic Tumi’s authentic Ballistic nylon fabric; co-injected temple tips modeled on the shape of the Vapor collection zipper-pull finish the look. In Matte Black with Black temple, Chocolate Brown with Black temple/Brown tip or Gunmetal. $285

The Kenton — Inspired by the bridge across the Ohio River that connects Ohio and Kentucky, this frame is created from titanium for flexibility and a lightweight feel. Streamlined beta-titanium temples have the eye-catching Tumi logo with rubber co-injected temple tip modeled on the shape of the Vapor collection zipper-pull. In Matte Black or Gunmetal. $275

The Millau — Like the bridge that crosses the Valley of the River Tarn in Southern France, this handmade acetate frame has clean lines and timeless style. The Tumi logo is laser-etched on the metal hinge and the temples feature “rings of Saturn” temple tips. In Black, Smoke Horn and Olive Horn. $285.

The Minami — Named for the bridge that crosses the Seto Inland Sea in Japan, this classic unisex shape features sophisticated temple detail created from handmade acetate and inspired by Tumi’s premium designs. The temples are hand-wrapped in rich-colored Tumi leather, revealing an acetate stripe leading to the temple tips – a design feature reminiscent of Tumi’s zipper-pulls. The Tumi logo is discreetly laser-etched on the hinge. In Black Tortoise and Ruby Horn. $325

The Montrose — Like its namesake, which straddles the Grand River in Ontario, Canada, the Montrose is a classic shape for a chameleon of looks. The titanium front is attached to an injected temple with a visible carbon-fiber core for strength and flexibility. The rubber co-injected temple tips are modeled on the shape of a stylized Tumi collection zipper-pull. In Black (Satin) with Black temple/Black tip, Brushed Silver with Black temple/Grey tip and Chocolate Brown (Satin) with Brown temple/ Brown tip. $265

The Newport — Inspired by the bridge crossing Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island, this aviator style with a titanium rim front is an essential for any world traveler. The only visible logo is a single T on the block metal end ear pieces. Wrapped in Tumi’s premium leather, the temples feature “rings of Saturn” temple tips. In Black with Black Leather, Brushed Silver with Black Leather and Gold (Satin) with Brown Leather. $325

The Severn — Evocative of the river connecting South Gloucestershire and South Wales, the Severn is a unisex frame with a hand-polished acetate front. The understated stainless steel temple has subtle, laser-engraved ballistic patterns on the sides. The acetate temple tips, which coordinate with the front, have leather inserts reminiscent of Tumi zipper-pulls. In Black, Tortoise and Ruby Horn. $285

The Sydney — Named for the highly recognizable bridge in Australia, this smaller, sleeker aviator with a titanium rim front is a must-have for any world traveler. A single “T” on the temples offers a subtle reference of the Tumi logo. Wrapped in Tumi’s premium leather, the temples feature “rings of Saturn” temple tips. In Brushed Silver with Black Leather and Gold (Satin) Brown Leather. $325

The Tobin — Inspired by this Boston bridge, the largest in New England, the Tobin’s crisp rectangle shape is crafted almost entirely from stainless steel. It features a raised stylized T logo on the temple and “rings of Saturn” temple tips. In Black (Satin), Brushed Silver and Chocolate Brown. $275