G Unit Records to Sign Jersey Shore’s DJ Pauly D

TMZ reported this morning that 50 Cent is highly considering signing DJ Pauly D to G Unit Records. 50 Cent is “dangerously” close to inking a deal with the Jersey Shore reality star. If the negotiations go through, Pauly could release three album and merchandise.

MTV wrote in their website “Should Reality TV Star Pauly D Sign With G-Unit Records?” and what a stupid question that is. It’s every artists dream to sign a label deal, and with G-Unit, you are sure to be treated right. Parties, Money, practically everything. Besides that, there’s a good chance that the merchandising will include Pauly D headphones.

Who would benefit the most from this deal, G-Unit or Pauly D?

  • Yahoya

    woah that guy is all over the place now, can he be that good? never heard his stuff.