Lara Stone, Kate Moss, and Alexa Chung. Spot the Odd One Out, Because Vogue Can’t

The cover of this month’s issue of Vogue UK is, for want of a better word, ‘graced’ by perpetual try-hard and all around irritation Alexa Chung. This is not a rant against Vogue in the slightest, I have been a loyal fan since my first annual subscription at 15 years old, and continue to pledge my allegiance to the institution which lent its name to Madonna’s tragic but nevertheless iconic tune. However, I do in fact have a problem with Alexa Chung. She has become the poster-girl for an army of 20-something wannabes so desperate to look cool by being ‘uncool’. So now uncool is cool? In that case I was cool long before uncool was cool.

“So many images come to mind with the word Vogue and not surprisingly none of them have anything to do with an ex-Spice Girl or the face of Avon.”

By that rule surely back when I was already cool by being uncool only cool was cool? Besides the fact that her career seems to me to be the classic example of being at the right place at the right time in the fickle reality of celebrity culture, being the ‘IT’ girl has just catapulted her to undeserved icon status. Not forgetting of course her famous musician boyfriend. Please, did you expect her to be with a ‘normo’? Her Anglo-American drone and unremarkable resume do not make her a candidate for the most iconic high fashion magazine in the world.

Personal grudges aside, I have often found myself staring at a cover and asking myself what makes the ‘cover girl’ even slightly relevant to high fashion? I say Cover Girl because that is exactly what I think when I see someone like Alexa, Victoria Beckham or Reese Witherspoon on the cover of Vogue. It just does not seem appropriate. These women represent celebrity culture, pop culture, not high fashion.

So many images come to mind with the word Vogue and not surprisingly none of them have anything to do with an ex-Spice Girl or the face of Avon. I go to Vogue to see Kate Moss, Lara Stone, couture fashion and gifted photographers. If I wanted to see another actress trying to model I’d be buying Glamour and reading an interview with the latest Disney star talking about how she ‘just wants to be taken seriously as a young woman.’ Spare me.

  • Laura Navarro

    Hi Lauren, I’m sorry you feel so strongly you have to get stuck on your caps lock key, that’s not very ultra cool is it? Alexa’s blase approach to everything would be most disappointed. Yes Kate Moss has dabbled in everything but she has done it successfully, and is first and foremost a Supermodel. Alexa may have been appropriate on Vogue 10 years ago when she was an (insignificant) model, but when she decided to present Gonzo and form a childish girl gang with fellow time waster Kelly Osbourne and call themselves ‘team evil’ she lost all respect. This article is purely opinion, and yes she is at more or less every fashion week, but then again so is Lauren Conrad but I doubt we’ll be seeing her Vogue cover any time soon.

  • Daniel

    “team evil”

  • Lauren Joyce91

    alexa is on the front because she is a symbol of fashion has thousands of people who look upto her and love her fashion. she has always been a fashion icon and always will be. She is a celeb but she also represents fashion. Kate Moss has dabled in EVERYTHING even singing and also dated 2 men in bands. I dont see whats wrong with having a gorgeous girl with fantastic fashion sense on the front of Vogue, PLUS IF YOU WERE TO DO YOUR RESEARCH PROPERLY AND LOOK BACK ALEXA WAS ORGINALY A MODEL AND ALSO HAS HER OWN FASHION LINE WITH MADEWELL NOT TO MENTION IS AT MORE A LESS EVERY FASHION WEEK. I think she has every right to be on the front.

  • Daniel

    She makes me gag, personally.

  • Anonymous

    I do agree with you that Vogue is about high fashion, not celebrity culture, and I completely agree about reese witherspoon. But don’t you think that Alexa is on the cover because she doesn’t just represent celebrity culture, but she’s beginning to represent fashion as well? She’s sort of bringing fashion to the attention of teenagers etc because she cares about it, and teenagers care about what she does… this might just be because I love what she wears, though. Great post, by the way! x

  • Iain Alexander

    Yes just about…

  • Daniel Haim

    So now uncool is cool? In that case I was cool long before uncool was cool.