Anna de Rijk Brings the Heat to Harper’s Bazaar Spain

I belong to Europe, I think. It’s where I resided for most of my childhood, well, the Middle East that is. But w at least got the sun-love from Greece, which brought a lot of the good European magazines in town. I then moved to London and I truly decided that the US magazines are losing it.

Looking at the last 3 issues of Harper’s Bazaar you don’t have to be a genius to determine that the US market is driven by celebrity-love. I can’t have that, there’s no fashion in that. Buy Glamour I say.

For the June issue of Harper’s Bazaar Anna de Rijk collaborates with Txema Yeste, a Spanish based photographer who shot V, Vogue, and even Playboy. The collaboration is a sexy one, it’s what the summer heat of EspaƱa is all about, especially with those heels that Anna is rocking. So awesome.

Additional Credits:
Model: Anna de Rijk
Photography: Txema Yeste
Publication: Harper’s Bazaar, Spain
Styling: Juan Cebrian