Cintia Dicker Is Edible in a M&M Dress for Virgine Magazine Issue #1

As I reported last week we made new friends in New York City, their name is Virgine Magazine – recognize. I have scoped around the magazine while we were at an event and am not sure how I’ve missed this incredibly yummy editorial featuring one of my favorite models. And I recall sitting on the Angelika Film Center steps in SoHo, NYC late last evening with a new friend of mine, observing Cintia Dicker’s American Eagle ad (we were actually looking at her butt).

This brings me back to the first issue of Virgine, remember it’s the premiere issue.. For me, anything with Cintia Dicker in it is just perfect. But Virgine continues to impress Bloginity more and more. So who do we thank, Ryan Yoon for lensing this? The editorial team of Virgine for putting this together? Or do we thank Cintia Dicker for her beautiful freckles? I thank you all.

Make sure to pick up a copy of Virgine Magazine here

Additional Credits

Models: Annett Griffel, Valerie Avdeyeva, Isabelle Sonneschein, Annabelle Tsaboukas, Cintia Dicker
Photography: Ryan Yoon
Publication: Virgine Magazine