Erin Heatherton for Harper’s Bazaar Spain

I recently met a really nice girl who knew Erin Heatherton from back in the day. Interesting thing is, this girl is also tall, she is also beautiful, and has dark hair with rich brown eyes. Let’s just say she’s the ‘inverted’ version of Erin – and yeah she’s hot.

You see the thing is, until this bare moment I didn’t realize the potential Erin had in her. I thought she was a bit plain, blonde, “just another” Victoria’s Secret Angel.

The June 2011 issue of Harper’s Bazaar Spain explores Erin’s athletic side. Nagi Sakai, a photographer whom we feature quite often on Bloginity is stepping in with Almudena Guerra who came geared with Isabel Marant, Prada and Celine.

The results, Erin is looking quite flirty.