Get Kate Middleton’s Stunning Wedding Day Look – Makeup Tutorial

By now, anybody who is anybody knows the lovely Kate Middleton (actually, now she is officially Katherine Elizabeth Mountbatten-Windsor ) had James Pryce of the Richard Ward salon create her hair and that she had numerous lessons with makeup artist Arabella Preston and did her own makeup the day of… but only a few of us lucky ones know how to achieve her beautiful day of look.

It is difficult to execute the perfect bridal makeup look if you are not a professional.  You need to know what looks good both in person and in front of the camera, you need to know how to attain a beautiful flawless look that seems as though there is no makeup on your face while making sure there is enough to keep it on for a full day.  I’ve seen too many brides do their own makeup only to look washed out in their pictures or look as though they have no makeup by the middle of the reception.  So, was it brave for Kate to do her own makeup, sure?  But, after a few lessons with a phenomenal pro like Arabella Preston, it looks like she knew just what to do.

To start, make sure you are taking care of your skin.  You need to drink plenty of water- on a regular basis, not only weeks before your wedding or big event, you need to moisturize and clean your face with a gentle cleanser.  If it is in your budget, facials can be any girl’s best friend when it comes to beautiful skin.

1) Start with a great moisturizer, a well moisturized face will really help your foundation sit well.  I personally like Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè. Let that sit for a minute or two while your prep your foundation and concealer.

2) Concealer is extremely important any day, but particularly on your wedding day.  Most brides do not sleep well the evening before their big day and concealer is key in making a no sleep night look like an eight hours night of sleep.  Take a concealer color 1-2 shades lighter (I suggest Le Metier de Beaute’s classic flawless finish concealer SPF 18) to brighten and lift the eyes.  Put the concealer under your eye and all the way up to the inner part of your eye socket (next to the tear duct). I generally only blend it lightly till the foundation is applied.

3) For your foundation choose something light with great coverage.  I suggest Makeup Forever’s HD foundation because it gives amazing coverage while looking natural and flawless.  Use a foundation brush to apply and then blend it well with my favorite application tool, the Beauty Blender.  Use a flick of the wrist to quickly roll one side of the blender across the face and then use it to blend your concealer and foundation together.

4) After you’ve applied your foundation, use a translucent powder to set it.  This is your way of keeping that beautiful look all day long.  Makeup sure that you use something light and translucent like Laura Mercier’s loose setting powder, MAC’s Prep and Prime or Makeup Forever’s HD powder.  I like to use Makeup Forever’s Powder Fan Brush for this application.

5) To achieve Kate’s beautiful pinky cheeks.  Find a pink color that accentuates your cheek bones and matches your skin tone so not to look clown like.   Kate’s color was perfect for her skin.  It really added a beautiful glowing color to her face.  Try smiling when applying your blush.  It looks like she used a bronze blush and then layered a beautiful soft pink on top.  A color that really matches Kate Middleton’s is Le Metier’s De Beaute blushing bronzed duet, which has both a bronzer and a soft pink.  Concentrate on the apple’s of your cheek and move back along the cheek bone.

6) Use a nice eye shadow primer.  I use Urban Decay’s Primer Potion.  On top of that use a beautiful off white/cream color on the lids up to the crease like Makeup Forever’s Flesh or Flesh Pink color.  Then use a few shades of brown (I would use Inglot 360 and 465) in the crease and blend up slightly, following it to the outter corner of the lid leaving the inside of the lid the fleshy color.

7) Kate has an affinity toward eye liner.  She used a beautiful black liner on her upper lash line and directly below her lower lash line.

8) Make sure to curl your lashes.  Then use a black mascara (preferably waterproof if it is your wedding day) making sure you get all the way to the root.  A good way to make sure you do this is use a mini fan brush.  Brush a little mascara on the brush and then “paint” your lashes working the edge of the brush into the root of your lash and pull out.

9) Eyebrows are key.  Make sure you shape them with a pencil (I love Shu Uemura Brow Pencil, seal brown 2 is a great color for this look) and then fill with a powder.  Follow the way that your brow hair goes.

10) Now, all you need is lips.  Fill your lips in with a pinky nude liner.  Follow it with a beautiful light pink lip.  Personally, I think Inglot (which I’ve written up previously) lip paint #63 would be perfect.

VOILA!  Katherine Elizabeth Mountbatten-Windsor’s stunning wedding look.

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