Vogue Paris Living in the Past? Copying Past Photo Shoots Clouds Future

It is often said that, in the fashion world, everything old becomes new again.  Vogue Paris seems to be taking that idea a bit too far, however, as recent photo shoots in the magazine have borne uncanny resemblance to shoots from past years.  The transition from Carine Roitfeld to Emmanuelle Alt at the editor-in-chief position appears to have drained some of the creativity from Vogue Paris; critics have pointed to the magazine’s tendency to recreate past shoots as a prime indication of that fact.  Consider, for example, the similarities between the October 1997 cover (left) and the Mary 2011 cover (right):

Unfortunately for Alt and Vogue Paris, the above covers aren’t the only example of the magazine’s recent tendency to recycle.  Critics have also drawn similarities between the June/July 2011 shoot of Isabeli Fontana (right) and Vogue Italia’s February 1989 shoot of Linda Evangelista (left).

Although fans of the magazine suggest that Vogue isn’t doing any intentional imitation, fashion blog Fashioning.com suggests that the recycling of shoots isn’t just a coincidence, but one factor of many indicating that Alt is not serving Vogue Paris well as editor-in-chief.

“Emmanuelle Alt may turn [Vogue Paris] into something utterly purgatorial or something completely inspiring for the everyday woman – but either way, by presenting the mainstream view of fashion, something so many other titles already do quite well, Vogue France will simply fail to stand out.”

Is Alt truly to blame, or is the fashion world too fickle? Hard to say.  As Alt took over in February of this year, the controversies at hand may merely indicate an extended adjustment period, as the new editor-in-chief struggles to merge her persona with that of the magazine.  However, Vogue is a renown institution in the fashion world, so any ruffling of feathers over cover photos is sure to make headlines.

Big credits to Fashionising.com for discovering this.