Alys Hale, Getting Dreamy.

Rokas Darulis shoots Alys Hale in these dreamy wonderland-style portraits for Volt Cafe. These photographs are enchanting and charming, Alys looks beautiful, with amazing, creative and innovative styling choices by Yana Sheptovetskaya and Gabriela Splendore.

Alys Hale Getting Dreamy.3

Alys wears a collection of crazy, whimsical hats to add to the unrealistic element of the editorial. The multi-colored spiky number is particularly special. I seriously love the dreamy aspect of this shoot, and I really love Rokas Darulis’ photographic style, blurring the boundaries and playing with natural light.

Working amazingly alongside Rokas Darulis, art director (and stylist) Yana Sheptovetskaya has done a top job of conveying the wonderland ideas put forward from the styling, make-up (Holleigh Gallon) and hair styling (Kota Suizu).

I really think that Alys Hale is the queen of posing. She is totally nailing every pose in this editorial spread, she’s amazing close-up, far away and has a completely stunning profile. Her skin looks luminous, and I totally love her dark roots and her platinum blonde hair, which is particularly visible in my favorite photograph, her direct close-up. Editorial assistance by Denis Shklovsky and Tomek Jasinski.

Alys Hale Getting Dreamy.1

Alys Hale Getting Dreamy.2

Alys Hale Getting Dreamy.4

Alys Hale Getting Dreamy.5

Alys Hale Getting Dreamy.6