Emilio Pucci Resort Collection 2012

Emilio Pucci is known for eccentric patterns and vibrant bright colors, the Emilio Pucci Resort Collection 2012 is no exception. Staying loyal to the new cardinal rule of ‘men’s wear as women’s wear’ the precision tailoring teamed with vivid primary colors has resulted in an exquisite example of Italian elegance. Lace, embroidery, crocheting, chiffon and leather have all been combined to create a collection to rival any runway-favorite.

Despite the bold patterns of the two piece suits appearing perhaps daunting at first, this collection, unlike many off the runway, is perfectly wearable. The canary yellow crochet mini dress is as quintessentially Emilio Pucci as is the sheer floor length black gown which proves that although the brand remains faithful to its winning formula, it also relishes the challenge of variety.