Lara Stone, Spellbinding in Vogue US

German photographer Peter Lindbergh tells a romantic and captivating story, with the help of legendary fashion editor Grace Coddington, for the July Issue of Vogue US. The story being told, is that of a love triangle, US Vogue favorite Lara Stone and Frida Gustavsson fighting for the affection of True Blood actor Alexander Skarsgård. Frida Gustavsson is stunning as the “other woman”, her girly charm beautifully contrasting with Lara Stone’s old school, gap-toothed glamor.

The pieces featured in this editorial, titled “Spellbound”, conjure a sense of danger by creating the illusion of 1940’s film noir mystery and elegance. Pieces from prestigious labels such as Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga and Miu Miu create major nostalgia, with high society styling from the past. Stunning prints from Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton help create this post-war glamor.

The mix of Black and White and color photography works really well in this editorial, and heightens the sense of romance and intrigue. The smallest details on this shoot all work together to create a stunning overall effect. The patent shoes and fur accessories make the 1940’s cinematic look, with the film-set like surroundings shining just as brightly as the clothes.

Lara Stone makes this shoot. She’s Vogues favorite. She’s my favorite. I love you Lara!

  • lucy jones

    sad to see alexander promoting animal cruelty by standing next to a model sporting fur.
    although saying that, the purple coat looks like fake? it could possibly be faux fur but they’re claiming it to be the real deal. maybe that was the only way to gain alexander’s consent.

    if i’m wrong, it would be quite shocking since he’s done a lot of charity work for animals with his co star kristin bauer. i’ll also be extremely disappointed!
    lost a bit of respect for the guy.