LoveCat Magazine #1 – Chanel Iman and Nicole Trunfio

Since LeBook Connections took place in our beautiful city I had the chance to meet with Raoul Keil, Editor in Chief and founder of Schön! Magazine who invited me to come out to dinner with Kyle Anderson from ELLE. During our conversation Raoul said that when ever he walks into the magazine store he sees new magazines on the shelves. “This is new, this is new, and this is new, I’ve never seen that one before, it must be a new magazine.” which made me wonder – which magazines will actually make it in the industry?

Schön! Magazine is one of the magazines that made it beyond their 10th issue. “Lucky 10” Raoul called it and I continue to ask myself the same question – when will my credit card max when ever I walk into a magazine store and leave with a $200-worth of magazines. I don’t care that new magazines come out. In fact – I am happy! I look at magazines as collages, peoples inspirations and what people want to see. I think it’s beautiful – even if a magazine doesn’t make it in the industry it’s made from love and passion to create something beautiful to browse.

I just came across the first issue of LoveCat Magazine as they did a racy shoot with Nicole Trunfilo. In one word – sexy! so I headed over to their website, and discovered something even prettier! Chanel Iman walking around in a black and white film as Mr. Hendrix playing in the background “You know you’re a cut little heartbreaker. Ooh foxy lady.”

So, what do you think? I thought so. Well check out more of the photographs by Aram Beorossian below and make sure to enjoy them.

  • Daniel

    Hi Marie, thanks for the fantastic comment! I agree with a lot from what you just said. As for copying shoots – have you seen this?

  • Marie-Anne Dienes

    I am not very comfortable with the first photo on the spread. It’s been done before but when a model accepts a particular pose and appearance it’s as if she is justifying it. Bettie Page’s bondage photos were regarded as pornography in the 50s, and many people still regard those Page photos as pornography today. This shot from Chanel Iman is more like 21st century Saw chic than anything Bette Page did sixty years ago. It’s too raw.