The Stubbs & Wootton Legacy – Slippers and Loafers for the Cool People

I was recently invited to the Stubbs & Wootton Manhattan boutique. It was my first time in that area, as I usually stay in the high 50s area around my YSL, Burberry and Dior love, but let me tell you, the trip uptown to 978 Madison Avenue was totally worth it. Why? Because I got to discover the Stubbs & Wootton legacy.

Stubbs & Woottn Slippers

Daniela, the beautiful Cuban chic who works at the Manhattan Boutique rockin' those pirate slippers.

It was my first time at the Stubb’s & Wootton Manhattan boutique. If you remember, last week I wrote a column in the Daily Discovery about Stubb’s South Hampton boutique, which I was fortunate enough to stumble upon with Phaon Spurlock.

Besides Stubb’s & Wootton making the coolest slippers in the game, I didn’t know much about the company. So Nicholas Bakita, who runs the show at Stubb’s & Wootton Manhattan Boutique, took me through the Stubbs legacy and told me about their custom-made slippers. You have the option of picking one of their pre-designed motifs, creating your own motif, incorporating your initials into the shoe’s design and picking your choice of textiles. The journey of the slippers begins in Spain, where the slippers are first made, then continues to London, then back to Spain and finally delivered to your door. Six months later – you’ve got yourself a shoe.

Whoever comes up with the styles for Stubbs & Wootton is a genius. Each shoe tells a story (like mine, the “Screw U” shoe). I asked Nicholas who their main clientele are. He said he’s seen young people (my age) to older customers come into the store and say, “I can wear these” (referring to the awesome Screw U shoe).

The Stubbs & Wootton legacy is based on the tradition of designing and handcrafting unique shoes and slippers for men and women in Europe. Their collection ranges from slippers to loafers, espadrilles, heels and sandals.

If you have time, visit one of their locations – you will really enjoy it. Stubbs & Wootton offer everything from fantastic customer service to brilliant designs and textiles. Below you will find some of my personal favorites. For more styles visit

Here are some of our favorites Stubb’s & Wootton Slippers

Stubbs & Wootton Locations

Stubbs & Wootton – Florida:
502 Palm St #7, West Palm Beach, FL (561) 655-6453
4 Via Parigi, Palm Beach, FL (561) 655-1468

Stubbs & Wootton – New York:
987 Madison Ave, New York, NY (212) 249-5200

Stubbs & Wootton – South Hampton:
14 Jobs Ln, S Hampton, New York, 11968 (631) 283-7332