Top Models – Bloginity’s List of Models We Love

Being the Editor in Chief of Bloginity, you might assume that I stumble over hundreds of images every week. You would be right in that assumption. Fashion photography is a passion of mine and has been from a young age. I’ve always embraced this passion. I was one of the only straight guys that you would’ve met who had covers of vogue pasted on his walls with a Salvador Dali coffee book in his room, while friends came by for a drink and we played video games.

Sometime around 2004 before my Grandfather Leopold, or “Lulu” as we called him, passed away, he told me to do what I love and success will follow. Sure enough, that’s exactly what happened. Without any investors, I’ve followed my truest passion and created this site. Today I would like to give back to all those beautiful faces who keep our business alive.

This is not your usual “Top 10” list of models. There is no ranking. It’s just a list of the models which we are enamored with at the moment. These are the models that, every morning when we get to our desks, we begin to research to see which magazines have had the honor to shoot them, and which photographer captured them with her lens.

Our list is not based on success, and it’s not in order. We love them all and you need to recognize.

Her name: Abbey Lee Kershaw

Birth Date: June 12, 1987
Country of origin: Australia
Rankings: Top 50 Models (Ranked #5)

Why Bloginity Loves Her: We haven’t been following this Australian model since day one, but since her feature in Vogue Russia caught our attention we added her to our list of “Need to Watch” faces and we continued to see her name coming along more and more often.

Her name: Candice Swanepoel

Birth Date: October 20, 1988
Country of origin: South Africa
Twitter: @Angelcandice

Why Bloginity Loves Her: Candice, Candice, Candice… What can we say about Candice that hasn’t been said before? She’s only 22 years old and she’s been stealing our hearts with every photograph of hers that passes across our desktops. Candice has quite an interesting story and we hope that one day we’ll catch her for a fun Q&A. But begging aside, she is one of the the world’s top-earning models. According to Forbes, she has estimated earnings of $3 million over the past year. Good for you girl!

Her name: Cintia Dicker

Country of origin: Brazil

Why Bloginity Loves Her: Cintia Dicker first caught our attention when we discovered her in late 2008 through her photo shoot with Jamie Nelson. Her firry red hair, and her sexy accent have certainly secured a place for Cintia at Bloginity. We are so obsessed with Cintia Dicker that we actually printed a photo of hers and framed it in our office.

Her name: Emily DiDonato

Country of origin: United States
Rankings: Top 50 Models (Ranked #22), The Sexiest Models (Ranked #17)

Why Bloginity Loves Her: Just a few weeks ago I got my nails done downtown in New York City and the owner of the salon had a “hall of fame” wall of pictures she’d taken with famous clients. Emily DiDonato was one of the faces there. With those piercing blue eyes it was an easy thing to find out who the stunner was. I took a photo and tweeted it and within a few seconds I received a response: “It’s Emily DiDonato”. Of course, how could I forget? This newcomer has become the face of Giorgio Armani and Acgua Di Gioia and will surely make big waves in the industry.

Her name: Lara Stone

Birth Date: December 20, 1983
Country of origin: Netherlands
Rankings: Top Models (Ranked #1)

Why Bloginity Loves Her: She is a Dutch bombshell. Her trademark is that gap between her front teeth, and according to her Wikipedia page so is her wobbly runway walk, which we love and adore. Lara is listed among the Top 50 Women Models and also ranks 10th on the’s “Sexiest Models” list.

Her name: Jacquelyn Jablonski

Country of origin: United States
Rankings: Top 50 Models (Ranked #20)
Twitter: @JLJablonski

Why Bloginity Loves Her: Jacquelyn’s facial expressions, beautiful eyes and trademark arched eyebrows are what make her one of a kind. She’s from New Jersey and she often tweets about going back home. She is very down to earth as far as we’re concerned and we are really in love with her Givenchy Beauty Fall 2011 campaign and a little bit jealous that she got to hang out with those Hush Puppies from the Tommy Hilfiger campaign.

Her name: Freja Beha Erichsen

Birth Date: October 18, 1987
Country of origin: Denmark
Rankings: Top 50 Models (Ranked #2)
Twitter: @JegFreja

Why Bloginity Loves Her: This Danish rock star is just plain awesome. We love her attitude, we love her style, we love her face and we love her campaigns. Erichsen’s many tattoos from her neck to behind her right ear give are an outward manifestation of her inner persona: Pure Rock star.

Her name: Miranda Kerr

Country of origin: Australia
Rankings: Top 50 Models (Ranked #6)
Twitter: @MirandaKerr

Why Bloginity Loves Her: Miranda is a very special blend of beautiful and surprising. She’s also a business woman, which we adore, and she cares so much for her fans that she takes the time to reply to almost everyone on her twitter page, so start following her!

Her name: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Country of origin: United Kingdom
Rankings: Top Sexiest Models (Ranked #4)
Twitter: @Rosiehuntington

Why Bloginity Loves Her: We promise we didn’t list Rosie right below Miranda because they’re both from Victoria’s Secret. Rosie is literally everywhere. This month alone we’ve seen her in Elle, Vanity Fair, GQ UK, and in the March issue of Vogue UK. We loved loved loved the book Ten Times Rosie by Rankin. If you’re a Rosie fan you must pick up a copy.

Her name: Sasha Pivovarova

Birth Date: January 21, 1985
Country of origin: Russia
Rankings: Top 50 Models (Ranked #4)
Twitter: @Vovarova

Why Bloginity Loves Her: We had to add some spice into the mix, and this Russian beauty adds enough spice to set your heart on fire. Have you seen her H&M campaign? So cute. She was born in Moscow and began modeling just around 2005. A couple of fun facts about Pivovarova: she’s a vegetarian and she shares the same birth year as this blondie right here.

Her name: Gisele Bundchen

Country of origin: Brazil
Rankings: Top Icons (Ranked #1), Top Sexiest Models (Ranked #2)

Why Bloginity Loves Her: We’ll finish the list with Gisele. Because she’s Gisele and there’s nothing we can say about her. Just look at her and enjoy.