GianTTo Launches New Site – Time for Shopping, Literally

She told me “You have the watch, but I have the time.”and that’s when I realized that I don’t have time to waste – it’s time I call GianTTo and order myself one of these bad boys for my next trip to Los Angeles.

GianTTo’s new site has arrived. Some might say, “its about time” and that’s literally what the site is all about: luxury timepieces that is.

We first met the GianTTo group at their fancy Beverly Hills boutique, checking out everything from their ceramic watches to their diamond encrusted bezel watches which you want to rock over the weekends. And believe me when I say – some of these pieces are what we call “Weekend Watches.”

I remember chatting with our dear friend Matt Plunkett in his LA studio when I was blinded by the amount of ‘Bling’ on his wrist. Well, I’ve seen a bit more on Rick Ross and T.I. when I met them, but let’s just say that this style was actually “wearable” compared to what is considered serious bling by the rappers. Don’t get me wrong – GianTTo also produces watches with diamonds all over them, that type that you want for your “wrist game”. Well, this G watch was young, classy and vibrant. A bezel full of yellow diamonds combined with a rubber band that literally fits your hand “like a glove”. Did I mention they are 50MM? Oh yes.

The spirit of Giantto captures the felling that comes from the living in the moment. The company’s timepieces personify this attitude through a heady mix of oversized details; captivating jewelry accents a sporty confidence. The bold combination delivers a healthy measure of flash tempered with finesse. A father and son team recently founded the Los Angeles-based firm. The elder is an Old World artisan whose expert hands have spent decades crafting exquisite jewelry. His progeny is a businessman whose fresh style is attuned to the now. Together, the duo’s diverse experiences mesh seamlessly to create compelling timepieces that balance artistry with a modern sensibility.

For many, A Giantto watch is more than a meticulous symphony of gears and opinions designed to keep time. Rather, it is a precious totem, one that neatly reflects their passionate nature and desire for authentic beauty. Each precious member of the Giantto family of watches beats to this intensely personal rhythm.

The Giantto collection offers a range of case sizes for men, including the 47mm T3 and T4 timepieces, plus the T7 line, which boasts a diameter of 50mm. the T3 and T4 watches for women are offered in 38mm-diameter cases. In addition to its production models, Giantto also offers a number of limited edition timepieces. Prized by collectors, these watches typically feature a combination of precious metals and diamonds.

Over the next few weeks Bloginity will be showcasing a series of products from the new GianTTo watches website. We will be handpicking our favorite pieces, but for now check out the site for yourself and let us know: which one is your favorite?