LoveCat Magazine: Eleven Models by Randall Slavin

For the opening issue of LoveCat Magazine, photographer Randall Slavin photographs a series of intimate black and white portraits which feature eleven models. The models that star in this editorial spread are: Tiiu Kuik, Anna, Michelle Buswell, Hannah, Olga Mallouk, Renata, R’el Dade, Andi Muise, Tallulah Morton, Julia Dunstall and Tatyana Usova.

This collection of portraits capture a sense of natural beauty, and have a relaxed attitude. There is a mixture of innocence and sexuality. Wearing a casual collection of torn crop tops, vintage Johnny Cash tees and undone shorts, the girls evoke a sense of easy elegance and effortless style. This edgy beauty is further exaggerated by the expert hair styling of Benjamin Thigpen, and subtle make-up by Christy Falco.

There is a retro and vintage feel to this editorial, yet the nature of the styling and photography means that the photographs still appear fresh and current. I have two favorite images, Tiiu Kuik and Michelle Buswell. I love Michelle’s image because I really think the styling is beautiful, as well as the fashion and the hair. It’s just such a cute photo. With Tiiu Kuik’s image, I just really like the close-up and intimate nature of it. It’s really the only close-up in the series, and I think her face just looks gorgeous. This image isn’t really about the hair, the make-up or the fashion, I just like it because she looks so wonderful.