Maritza Veer for Schon! Magazine

In yet another exciting fashion editorial for Schon! magazine, photographer Tiziano Magni shoots the gorgeous Maritza Veer in this simple but edgy series of photographs, titled Flesh, Flags, Fatigues. Maritza is styled by Yuji Takenaka in plenty of flags and army get-up, which all looks very sexy and slightly rebellious in this studio based photo shoot.

Although the fashion and the styling is great in these images, we feel the choice for a more subtle approach to nudity was a good one. It is really effective, because these photographs are by no means all about the nudity, but that is just one element of the styling that works with the flags, the fashion, the photographer and the model to create a very sexy, edgy and glamorous look overall.

Maritza Veer is a great model, in and out of clothes she looks amazing, and her movement within the images is really effective. The simple nature of the photography works well as it does not detract from the styling but instead looks impressive by keeping things fairly simple. We have said it before, but we will say it again, this issue of Schon! magazine is well worth picking up. Hair by Kenshin Asano, make-up by Asami Taguchi.

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  • Daniel Haim


  • Alfred Borden

    What is most impressive about this series of photos is its relentless style. Albeit sexy, edgy, and glamorous, each photo carries with it a sense of forceful beauty. It is obvious that each role managed to manifest itself within these portraits to create a powerful work of art.

    The element that I appreciate most about how nudity is used in these photos is Maritza Veer’s ownership and assertion of her body. Each pose that she takes stands as a challenge to confront a fierce form. Even in a couple of the more blasé images Maritza carries herself with a strong solemnity. Hence, why, the consistency and discipline of her semblance is invigorating.

    The photo that struck me most as characteristic of the nature of this shoot was the final shot shown. It is an iconic representation of the prophetess. Although Maritza appears the most vulnerable and naked forthright, she maintains complete ownership of her body. From her closed eyes to her open arms–the magnitude of her appearance embodies the fortitude of the female figure.

  • Daniel Haim

    Must be the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.