Raquel Zimmerman, Versatility for Vogue Italia

Seriously, Raquel Zimmerman must be one of the most versatile models around. It is hard to even recognize her from one image to the next in this fashion editorial for the August issue of Vogue Italia. Shot by legendary photographer Steven Meisel, Raquel works a variety of casual and elegant looks that are styled by Karl Templer. These looks are created from gorgeous designs from the likes of Michael Kors, Jil Sander, Yves Saint Laurent and Lanvin, which look fantastic in this expressive set of black and white portraits.

The series has a great sense of personality to it, Raquel goes between sexy, smiley, seductive and mysterious in each shot, and this variety means that each image stands out as much as the next. We feel that the photographs where Raquel looks slightly off-guard are particularly effective, as she looks by far the most natural here. Unlike many fashion editorials however, each of these images is very strong and interesting, so it is hard to outline particular favorites, as they are all so different in terms of styling and overall look.