High Fashion Makeover for Kristen Stewart

We are used to seeing Kristen Stewart in baggy t-shirts and jeans in a certain little movie franchise known as The Twilight Saga. Here, we have Kristen looking nothing like we have ever seen her before. Shot by Mert & Marcus, Kristen is a cover girl (and stars in an editorial inside) for the September issue of W Magazine. Kristen is styled by fashion director Edward Enninful in red hot looks from labels that include Gucci, Dolce & Gabbama, Junya Watanabe and Theory among others.

Honestly, we don’t even think these images of Kristen Stewart look like her, she is almost unrecognizable. The styling is overly sexy, with Kristen’s big hair and overly outlined eyes. She looks good, and so much more high fashion and pumped up style wise than we are used to. This shoot in a way could be seen as Kristen’s way of marking the end of filming The Twilight Saga and moving on to more adult and perhaps more serious ventures.

  • Ropclske

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  • Anonymous


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  • Lopezgh

    are you people kidding, You can’t photoshopped an ugly duckling. You
    can’t repair a nose the shape of a flying saucer, you can only do so
    much on a face the size of china. Can’t hide an acne-filled skin,
    crossed-eyed etc. Kristen looks great on W magazine, she got good bone
    structure, nice nose,oval face, green eyes, nice eye brows, flawless
    skin, can’t go wrong with those. The photographer is a genius for
    enhancing what she already got, not the manufactured/lab kind of face.
    What most of you don’t get is it was a “glamorized” version of Kristen,
    not the airport hopping/plain Bella look. The heavy make-up is for a
    reason, get over yourselves and admit she’s a gorgeous woman. I’ve seen
    women who wears the same make up and all they achieve was to make
    themselves cheap looking hookers. Read more:

  • Daniel

    She’s alright.

  • talia

    I think it looks like her. Same eyes and nose and face, the only thing that is different is the pumped hair/extensions and the overdrawn lip liner. She’s always been a pretty girl though, and the valley of the dolls makeover really works with her features.