Rapper TI Back In Federal Custody

Last September, rapper T.I. was arrested on drug possession charges along with his wife, Tiny, after being pulled over for reportedly making an illegal U-turn on sunset boulevard in Los Angeles. T.I. was already on probation for an illegal firearm possession, and the fresh arrest landed him an almost year long stretch in a federal penitentiary until he was recently released into a halfway house.

Now, however, the thirty-year-old rapper has been taken from the halfway house and put back into federal custody. When T.I. was released on probationary terms, he was allowed to supply his own transportation from the Forrest City, Arkansas prison to his halfway house in his hometown of Atlanta, GA. According to The Associated Press, T.I. made the journey in his state-of-the-art, flashy and fully loaded tour bus, which is a no no in the eyes of the prison system.

Apparently T.I. had misled officials to believe he would be riding in a plain civilian van, and now that the secret’s out he has been detained again; whether or not he will continue his sentence in prison or if he’ll be released back into a halfway house is still uncertain. Check back to Bloginity for updates on the story.