Kristen Stewart by Michelangelo Di Battista

Twilight star Kristin Stewart was recently photographed for the newest issue of Vogue Italia. Stunning photos were taken by Michelangelo Di Battista, a known name in the magnificent world of fashion photography.

In this editorial the charismatic actress appears as a sophisticated femme fatale. She looks amazing in these elegant outfits. The combination of refined suits and fine detail fit her perfectly. Whether wearing a glamorous gothic inspired dress, or a long magnificent coat, Kristen looks mysterious. Self-confidence is displayed on her staid, yet intriguing, face. Nobody can resist her charms.
The lucent shades of make-up reinforce the impression of Kristen having an impish, inner magic.  The mischievous, yet elegant, mood of the shoot is amplified by the cold green color and blue shades in the background.

  • Zada

    Oops! forgot the link to his blog.

    Hey can you credit makeup and hair in future – love to know who does it – and not always easy to find. only know this as am fan/follower of Nicolas Jurnjack.

  • Daniel Haim

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention Zada, I can assure you that we’ll fix it within minutes =)

  • Zada

    Beautiful images – she looks amazing – great photos – love the video too AND absolutely love the hair , am a huge fan of Nicolas Jurnjack he always gets style perfect, and makes the models. actors  etc. look stunning – he also has a great hair-blog, which I am really psyched about –  giving some  tips and tutorials and other great stuff.