Versace for H&M Part Two & Versace Returns to Haute Couture

Sneak Peak: Versace Spring 2012

November has been Versace’s month. There’s been such a surfeit of news and tweeting and retweeting and re-retweeting surrounding Versace’s celebrated collaboration with Swedish retailer H&M that it has slowly started to transition from excitement to … well, it’s kind of an exhaustive eye-roller at this point. Enough is enough. Well…not so much. While you were out in line at your local H&M, pulling weaves left and right, trying to get your hands on at least one piece of Versace, the Mirror UK was pulling something else – one hell of an announcement, to be precise. Apparently, F/W11 was not all these two huge brands had in store for fans and consumers. Come February, get ready to get in line all over again for Versace for H&M’s Spring Summer 12 collection.

Sneak Peak: Versace Spring 2012

From the few images the Mirror UK has posted we can be sure to expect lots of fruity prints (a way more cutesy approach to the trend compared with Dolce & Gabbana’s take for SS12 RTW ), featured on bikinis, hot pants and even on peep-toe slingbacks. And surely, it wouldn’t be a Versace collection without the house’s staple glimmers of gold scattered throughout. The next question is – will there be another monumental fete in New York City to celebrate this second collab? Nicki Minaj and Prince already bequeathed their services; best guess is that Mother Monster Lady Gaga is next in line.

And that’s not all. For the first time in four years, Versace will be featured in Paris’ Haute Couture Fashion Week line-up this upcoming January. In other words – if you’re about done hearing so much about Versace these days, well…get over it, because there’s a hell of a lot more where that came from.