Dark Seduction: Body Double by Aram Bedrossian

This fashion editorial is titled Body Double, and several of the photographs featured here were included in LoveCat Magazine’s latest issue, which shines the spotlight on the world of art. This series was shot by Aram Bedrossian, and stars Camilla Hansen and Yasmin Brunet. Both the girls are dressed beautifully by Fanny Bourdette-Donon in a combination of sheer underwear, glamorous ball-gowns, lace, fur and smart tailoring. The overall result is very seductive and provocative whilst still maintaining a high-fashion edge.

Photographer Aram Bedrossian cites Helmut Newton as his inspiration for this series of photographs, and this is certainly evident, as the results follow the same black and white, sexy aesthetic. We love this editorial: it is dramatic, exciting and tells a real story. The composition of each photograph is great, in particular we love the colour photograph of the model biting down on the bullet, and the striking image of the two models, semi-dressed, perching on the desks in the New York Waldorf Astoria. Make up by Robert Greene, hair by Lacy Redway.