Interview: Larissa Bond is Full of Surprises.

Larissa Bond by Philip Mauro

Larrisa Bond is full of surprises. Once a jet setting super model landing editorials in the pages of Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, and both American and Russian Vogues, Bond is now a successful actress, and badass jewelry designer who’s obsessed with racing cars.

If Lauren Bacall had a hippie lovechild raised around Woodstock vibes, she would pretty much exclusively wear pieces from Larissa’s L.B. collection:

“I don’t see Bridgette Bardot wearing my stuff, although I love her. I love old Hollywood—that, husky voice, slow speaking, cigarette smoking, badass woman—Powerful, fearless, rock and roll, outspoken, knows her shit, unstoppable. I like a woman who is not afraid to be known for something and goes out and does it without caring about what others think, but manages to do it with an air of elegance and grace; I like a woman who brings power to their femininity.”

Her pieces are both freeing and timelessly elegant without being stuffy or too dainty. They’re luxurious without taking themselves too seriously (I was especially drawn to the Skull and Pearl necklaces from the “I, Eternal” collection made with fresh-water pearls and Oxidized sterling silver accented with Crystals).

When asked about the roots of her inspiration, Bond’s response was as charming and alluring as each individual piece in her collection:

“When I was young, I used to sit with my mother sewing dresses and watch my father strum the guitar as he sang to us. This made me appreciate the value of being creative and crafting things. These snapshots of my childhood coupled with the realities of being discovered at age 17 and exposed to so many things from so many different angles have influenced my approach to design.”

As it stands the collection is broken down into three parts: the “I, Life Collection,” a geometric almost tribal assortment of cuffs and bracelets in bone, silver, 18k gold, and pearl; the “I, Eternal Collection,” comprised of cuffs, rings, earrings, and necklaces inspired by the vastness and mystery of the ocean; and a made to order collection, complete with consultation and personalized design to fit the wearers own unique personality.

All these influences are very evident in each piece. Whether it’s in the timelessness of her choice precious stones and metals or the impermanence of her oftentimes-whimsical design. It’s all there.

Where does she see the collection in 10 years time?

 “A jug fills drop by drop…I want to be able to do what I love and always be innovative and fresh. My goal is to have L.B. Jewelry recognized as a premier luxury brand sold worldwide,” said Larissa. “And while success is important to me, so is being fulfilled and inspiring others to appreciate their uniqueness and reminding them to celebrate life…I do hope that it will take much less than 10 years.” She smiles.

We’re sure it won’t be long before the world catches on.