Soul Fruit

Photo by Daniel Haim

If the New Year is what is going to get you to start eating healthier and feeling better, than so be it. But, it is time to empty that freezer filled with cliched and over rated flavored vodkas and six month old tater tots, toss the skunky beer in the crisper, rid yourself all the Chinese leftovers that have been sitting there for days… possibly weeks and get back to feeling good. Because eating well and working out isn’t just about losing some inches from your waist line, it is about looking as good as you possibly can. Your skin reacts to what you put in your body. That gorgeous yoga teacher that looks 32, but is really 48 doesn’t only look that way thanks to genetics. It takes hard work and putting healthy, beautiful food in your body.

The beauty of it is, if you eat well you will look better. Not only because you feel better, but because nutrients in food makes your body work for you. Since I am obsessed with skin care, here are some top foods that really enrich your skin.

Water: Water is the numero uno factor in keeping that skin looking fresh, beautiful and hydrated. Drink it!  Drink a lot of it!

Sweet Potatoes: Did you know that the Beta-Carotine balances your skin’s PH? What does that mean? Well, it helps combat dryness, and promotes cell turnover which in turn makes your skin look smoother and more flawless.

Berries: The anti-oxidants in berries make your skin look beautiful and fresh.

Leafy, beautiful greens: My favorites. These foods (kale, spinach etc) contain lutein which helps ward off those wrinkles and protects the skin from certain sun issues.

Whole Wheat: Scratch that processed white flour garbage off your grocery list. Not only is whole wheat better for your health, but it has selenium which improves your skin at a cellular level.

Tomatoes: They have Lycopene which is an incredibly important part of your skin’s defense system. It can work as a natural sun block (though you still need the store bought stuff)  by acting as a sun protection factor (SPF) of the skin.

Lean Red Meat: The B vitamins in red meat are wonderful for your skin.

Broccoli: Vitamin A leads the way. This also helps skin turnover which means your skin gets renewed faster. That makes for the healthy, beautiful fresh skin to sit right on top for all to see.

Green Tea: Drink this up!  As much as you should guzzle water, stop and have a nice hot or cold glass of green tea. Green tea is naturally rich in antioxidants which help protect the body from free radicals.

Salmon: The zinc is good, but the omega-3 fatty acids can reduce dryness and that horrid inflammation which makes you age faster! Oysters are good for this too!

Vitamin C: This includes too many fruits (and some veggies, mmmmm brussel sprouts) to name, but Vitamin C is a powerhouse for your skin. It builds collagen and it also contains bioflavanoids which help protect your skin from UVrays.

These are just a few foods that will help. If you clean up your diet, you will clean up your skin and  your health!  Adding excersize (check here from some of the hottest trends in excersize) to your weekly health regiment can only make you and your body better, stronger and give your overall quality of life an A+. But, as always,  make sure to check with your doctor before before starting a health excersize or diet plan.

It’s 2012, make the year count by making yourself feel as good as you can.