New Year, New You

Anais Pouliot, Louis Vuitton

It’s that time of year again. Let me guess, you’ve already done a complete one over of yourself and figured out what needs to change yet again? Well, here’s a novel idea, how about being good to yourself? How about taking the time and seeing that you’re actually pretty amazing and could possibly just make small changes to just feel good. I feel like we have all forgotten about just being good to ourselves. It seems as though we live in a society where it is cooler to say “You think you have a bad injury? You should see mine!” Rather than, “that is a bad injury, you should take care of yourself.” There is almost a heroic macho feeling of my boo boo is worse than your boo boo (tried to emasculate that as much as possible).

The thing is, it isn’t rocket science, there is a reason health and beauty are always categorized together. They go hand in hand. There is irrefutable evidence that if you eat better your body reacts well. Your hair will be stronger and shinier, your eyes whiter, your skin will look fresher (check out this article on best foods for your best skin), your smile will be brighter. It is solely just a matter of doing it.

Here are the top three ways exercise makes you feel and look better.

Breaking a sweat is amazing for your skin. Many dermatologists call it a mini-facial because the sweat expells the yuck that is in your pores. You just need to make sure to wash your face after.

Exercise makes stress dissolve. It may not make the problem(s) go away, but it certainly helps you deal with them differently and feel better about them. Studies show that the more you exercise the less stress you have or the less you let it affect you. Stress shows up in your face in too many ways to list, so make sure to exercise the stress out of your life and face (Click here for a a great article on top places to workout).

Exercise helps you get your beauty rest. Beauty rest isn’t just a term, it’s the real deal. Your body needs a great amount of rest to restore and repair all the damage that may have been done to it during the day. Get rid of those heavy under eye bags, turn off that TV, jump into a spin class and get the rest you and your body so dearly need and deserve.

It comes down to the healthier you are the better you look and the better you feel. Whether you put healthier, organic foods into your body or you make sure to break a sweat 3-6 times a week (check out the top places to work out), you are going to look better and feel better regardless. Everyone knows that there is a huge positive to being healthy, beside living longer and feeling better, you tend to be better to yourself. You stand straighter, smile brighter, buy more flattering clothing (which looks better because you are taking care of yourself) and just carry yourself in a more confident demeanor.

So, who cares if it is cliche to resolve to be a better healthier you at the New Year. It’s as good a time as any and I say there is no better time in the world to be good to you then right now.