Cover FX Foundation – Put to the Test

Make-up for Flair Magazine January 2012 by David Allan Jones for Cover FX

As a makeup artist, Foundation Brand Cover FX has been on my radar for a while, however I had never had the opportunity to try it properly. So it was with some excitement that I attended a talk and demo by acclaimed fashion makeup artist David Allan Jones at the International Makeup Artist Trade Show earlier this month.

A brand founded by Lee Graff, a corrective makeup specialist at a leading Canadian hospital, has worked with thousands of patients with various skin conditions. Lee began the development of Cover FX together with chemical engineer Jenny Frankel and leading dermatologist Dr. Neil Shear. The product has been well known in the make-up world for its full coverage capabilities but I was more interested to hear about what it could offer the general consumer as well as make-up artists working in a variety of situations and skin-types.

David spoke about his work, notably for fashion houses Gucci, Prada and Versace as well as for international glossies Flair, Elle and Tatler, along with an impressive slide show of some of his other projects.

David Allan Jones at work on set

What I really liked was that although he was there on behalf of Cover FX he spoke openly about the fact he had been given some of their foundation to try and had not touched it in his kit for a long time, favoring his tried and tested foundations and concealers. It was pure chance that one day he began to use it, and thus ensued a long love affair with the Total Coverage Cream Foundation, now his number one go-to product on every commercial job.

He then demonstrated the foundation on a member of the audience while sharing a few of his tips with us.

  • Although the foundation is full coverage it can be used very lightly on the skin, almost like a tinted moisturizer, just dilute it with a primer from their range and buff lightly onto the skin.
  • Begin application on the perimeter of the face and work inwards for a light, natural application.
  • It can be used as a concealer, minimizing products needed in your kit or makeup bag.
  • It gives believable results to darken or lighten models skin tones for editorial work.
  • Skin texture and coverage looks flawless but not heavy – reducing the need for post-production work on photos.

160 Cream Foundation Brush

The inner cynic in me was pleasantly surprised to see the final results on his demo model: lovely light, clear, fresh looking skin. I needed to find out more and try it for myself. I managed to have a quick chat with National Make-up Artist, Victor Charles amidst the throng of people who had flocked to their stand after seeing the demo. He invited me to come to their counter at Harvey Nichols for a one on one appointment in a more relaxed environment.

Later that week I had my consultation with the fantastic Sahar, who really listened to me and investigated the kind of results I was looking for. In fact it was the perfect experience (see my article on choosing foundation) and I wouldn’t have changed a thing. First, she cleansed my skin and applied the Brite Prep FX SPF 50, a skin brightening primer designed to counteract the appearance of hyperpigmentation, which is one of my main concerns. Next she expertly chose a neutral toned Cover FX (E10) Foundation and applied it with a 160 Brush, which lightly buffs the foundation onto the skin and leaves a polished finish. Then a powder in E20 was applied to set the creamy base and to give me the semi-matte finish I desired. To finish, the Bronzed FX in Golden Peach was applied to my cheeks to give a fresh and healthy glow.

And the final results? I was more than happy with how I looked and was even further convinced when I later met up with some other makeup artist friends who immediately commented on my skin and how great it looked.  SOLD! I look forward to road testing this range in my kit and to see how it works in front of the camera (a la David Allen Jones). I can’t wait!

Cover FX can be tried and purchased at Harvey Nichols, House of Fraser and Sephora in the U.S