Bulgari Octo Maserati

Bulgari Octo Maserati

Nobody does seduction better than the Italians, especially when it comes to luxury and Bulgari is at the top of the game. Doesn’t their signature snake say it all? A slithering and irresistible temptation. But Bulgari doesn’t just create exquisite jewelry. Oh no. In the past few years they dove headfirst into the world of horology, combining their design flair with serious mechanics. How did they do this? They purchased two independent darlings of the watch world, Daniel Roth and Gerald Genta.

Bulgari put together such a compelling watch package that the Italians over at Maserati cried Mamma Mia! They burned rubber over to their compatriots and joined into a partnership. When it comes to automobiles, Maserati brings a gleam to the eye. Sexy, sleek lines aren’t just eye candy—though it certainly makes your mouth water—they provide aerodynamic assist to propel these babies over 165mph. Under the hood lives mechanical majesty. I’m not going to pretend to understand how this roaring beast works, but it’s technically sophisticated and just looks fantastic.

Bring together two titans such as Bulgari and Maserati and you get a super watch called the Octo Maserati, a high-level machine doing honor to both companies. The dial on the watch resembles a car’s instrument panels with its four retrograde functions (minutes, date, and chronograph hour and minute counters), moving forward and then zipping back, kinda like how the needles move when you shift from one gear to another. A jump hour, which is such a fun and playful complication, resides at 12 o’clock to let you know, well, the hour, of course.

Bulgari Octo Maserati

Usually chronograph counters are read off from circular dials. In this case, Bulgari uses the retrograde function and splits them into two sectors of time at 9 and 3 o’clock. The central chronograph seconds hand also migrates down to 6 o’clock, a choice that ensures it doesn’t cover the hour indication because a misread of seconds can make all the difference. These are unusual yet effective placements that not only are easy to read but also meld with the overall aesthetics. As befits a watch at this level a column wheel controls the chronograph functions.

Like a Maserati, the Octo Maserati has presence on the wrist, sitting in a 45mm case. You’ll notice the watch adheres to Maserati’s blue and silver color scheme and the dial features the Maserati grill. Since Maserati owners are quietly confident, they don’t have to flash around their toys to boost their egos. That’s why the Maserati Trident is discreetly hidden on the transparent case back to avoid too much flash. This elegant and impressive timepiece is finished off with a calfskin strap produced in Modena, which resembles the car seat upholstery used by Maserati. Overall, this one crosses the finish line.

The Octo Maserati comes in a limited edition of 200.