Favorite Neon Lipsticks for Spring 2012

Numero #128, Aline Weber

I’m a lipstick girl through and through. Just pop on your favorite color and a pair of sunglasses and you’re ready to step out to start your day. Embrace this seasons Trends and brighten up your day with some of our favorite neon lip colors.

Tip: Don’t get too hung up on what tone suits you… there are no hard and fast rules; all aspects of your look will dictate how a shade looks on your skin – hair, skin and eye color, clothing and other make-up.If you’re comfortable wearing it then go for it.

One definite rule is to get your lips into prime condition before perfectly applying that color. Gently slough dry lips by using a face oil or lip balm and buff in with a slightly damp face cloth to remove dead skin. Wear a lip conditioner (one with a SPF during the day) whenever you’re not wearing lipstick, especially before going to bed. Drink plenty of water, lay off the cigarettes and reap the rewards of plump color–ready lips.

Bobbi Brown Orange Lipstick

Here are some of our favorites:

My favorite tricks:

  • Pair lipsticks with a matching lip pencil for a fully defined pout or tweak the color by using a pencil in a different color.
  • For an extreme block color apply lip pencil all over lip prior to lipstick.
  • Get experimental – press a bit of opaque eyeshadow or pigment into the centre of the bottom lip to intensify color or give a two-tone effect.
  • Add an opaque gloss in a matching shade for double the intensity.

And if you want to take it a step further to get the ultimate mouth then check out my wonderful co-beauty editor Julia’s guide to getting the perfect teeth click here.