Steps To A Beautiful Smile

Mika Kelly

As my amazing and wonderful co-beauty editor Katherine Gould writes about the phenomenal and alluring neon lip trend, I tend to realize that these colors really show your smile.

Few things are more noticeable than a beautiful, radiant smile. In order to exude the confidence that comes with flashing your pearly whites, Dr. Jonathan Diamond DMD let’s us know how to get the best possible results to feel our most stunning.

For starters, “Excellent oral health is a prerequisite. Diligence with your daily brushing and flossing is a good start. Mechanical and sonic toothbrushes are wonderful tools to help you succeed. The truth is, we tend to only use our dentists for our normal cleanings and check ups, but that is just silly. We need to use our dentists as our “smile resource” Diamond says “Discuss your smile and how you feel about it. Find out what options are available for you to make improvements.  As always, Beauty is in the eye  of the beholder.”

Dr. Diamond will ask his patients questions like “Do you like  that space between your front teeth, or would you like it closed? How about  that one tooth that is rotated out of line? Do you wish your smile was  brighter and showed more teeth or that your smile weren’t so gummy?  As in all areas of beauty, symmetry and proportion are important for an  attractive look.”

But, I must say, one thing that I did for an amazing and more radiant smile was a beautiful teeth whitening. It is something that does not take much time and has an amazing outcome.  Diamond says that depending on your current condition and your expectations for results, you can bleach your teeth with an over the counter product or if you need something stronger and more predictable you can have your teeth professionally whitened by the dentist.

This can be done in 1-2 visits in the office or with custom trays that you take home.  Diamond  believes that the take home trays are superior.  He explains that you can use them for 3-8  hrs a night for 7 nights and get many more hours of enamel to bleach  contact than you would with 1-2 hrs with in-office bleaching.  Also, longer use allows less concentrated material so there is less sensitivity. The slower, longer process gives better, more stable results.

Once you own the trays, subsequent touch up treatments cost very little relative to paying the dentist again for the in-office procedure. Last, but not least, Diamond says “Establish a good relationship with your dentist. Make  sure that you achieve and maintain ideal dental health. Then ask about the  options to improve your smile. Understand the benefits as well as the costs  of making each decision. Then  go for it.”

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