Christopher Kane ‘Secretive’ About Designs

Christopher Kane, Ballgowns: British Glamour Since 1950 - Private View

The Scottish designer used to work from home a lot during his days at famous London fashion college Central St. Martins so he had the edge on other students.

The fashion creative credited his course director and tutor Louise Wilson for teaching him not to take his talent for granted and motivating him to do his best.

“Louise always told me, ‘There are people better; you need to work your hardest,’ so I did. I always kept myself to myself and worked from home a lot,” he told the July issue of British Elle. “It’s my nature, that’s how I’ve always been. Nobody knew what I was working on, so when I brought in those lace dresses from his MA graduation collection, I’m sure people thought they were disgusting, but I was like, ‘No. That might be what you think but I’ve never seen it before. And it’s beautiful and I’ve seen what you’ve done 100 times.”

Christopher also spoke about his late father and how he wishes he could see how successful he has become with the help of his sister Tammy.

The 29-year-old has an incredibly tight personal and professional bond with his sibling, who has supported him in developing the Kane brand.

“He was all about getting it done, no messing around. I think that’s where me and Tam get it from. It’s such a shame he’s not here to see what we’ve accomplished because we’ve worked so damn hard and he would have thought this, all this, was the best thing ever,” he said.