Eva Herzigová: I worked with the greatest

The Czech beauty won a modeling contest at the age of 17 and was propelled onto international catwalks within weeks.

One of the supermodels of the 1990s, the stunning blonde still can’t believe that has worked with all her favorite photographers.

“Suddenly, I was away from my very strict parents, their discipline and their order, and I didn’t have them behind me, telling me what to do. I was on my own, I was a teenager in Paris and then I traveled the world. It was exhilarating and beautiful and a great lesson. I loved it,” she told Amuse magazine.

“I pulled out all these pictures by the great photographers and put them on my wall and told myself, ‘I want to work with that one and that one,’ and I did. It was amazing. I love photography; I always have. And here I was with the greatest photographers in the world.”

Eva cites Helmut Newton as her favorite photographer. The mannequin explained that while he made his models suffer for their art, the end results were always worth it.

“Out of all of them, Helmut was something else. He would snap two or three images of each shot, no more. And he’d get one absolutely perfect shot,” she said. “He would put you into a painful, awkward position, maybe almost naked in a street, and then he would leave you. He would say, ‘Don’t move!’ Then he’d go and have a coffee and come back and you would be dying. But he wanted that frustration. He wanted that look, that emotion, and then it was just one or two clicks and he had it. I had a great relationship with Helmut. I always questioned him and everyone would be like, ‘Oh, you can’t do that to Helmut!’ But he liked me.”