Kate Upton: Passion for fashion is misunderstood

The model shot to the top of the style pile after she graced the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition this year. She is hoping for people to know she loves everything about the industry, even though she isn’t often seen in high fashion pieces.

“I’m from Florida, where your whole wardrobe is flip-flops, cutoffs, and bikinis. Now I enjoy fashion so much, but I don’t think people realize it, because I’m always in a bikini,” she laughed in Vogue, which has profiled her.

Kate’s curves haven’t gone down well with everyone though. Victoria’s Secret bosses have said they wouldn’t be interested in signing her up, calling her bombshell looks “too obvious”.

Other members of fashion’s elite are more enamored with the 20-year-old star. Michael Kors sat with her at the recent Costume Institute Gala in New York City and has also been telling her how to make the most of her career.

“You’re not a wallflower; you fill the room! You have something special, so you can turn the volume down. A girl who is vanilla has to turn it up. Today it’s not enough to be a beauty. You have to have personality, be smart, and love fashion, or else you’ll disappear quickly,” he says in the profile.