Marc Jacobs “I loved watching mom dress up”

The designer has opened up about his decision to work in fashion. The star has always been interested in clothing and he loved watching his parents prepare for nights out when he was little.

“I remember my parents… How my mother used to dress up when she and my father went to the theater. Even if I thought then that my mother had not good fashion taste I found it exciting to watch her dressing up,” he told German magazine Grazia.

Marc enjoys his job enormously. He has his eponymous label and is also the creative director of Louis Vuitton. Although there are a lot of demands on his time, Marc still finds time to relax with the pursuits he most enjoys.

“I’m very modest. I go home, I love watching movies – one of my favorites is The Royal Tenenbaums. I like meeting friends for dinner, I love taking my two dogs for a walk or just doing nothing, just sitting around, smoking a cigarette or two,” he said.

“I enjoy my life and try to do what feels good to me. I like naps. After lunch I lie down in office, breath, empty my head…”