Mark Fast: Vintage tights are useless

The designer is best known for his body-con creations and slinky knitwear. He has now teamed up with company Jonathan Aston for a range of hosiery, which has got him thinking about the way stockings have changed over the years.

“I bought 400 pairs of vintage hosiery from the ‘40s at a vintage shop. I don’t know what I will do with them, but at least I have them,” he laughed.

The designer added he thinks women get too caught up in looking perfect. As far as tights go, he recommends ripping holes in a pair if they get a ladder as it looks “creative”.

Mark drew headlines when he sent plus-size models down the runway at one of his shows and is widely regarded as the designer who put Crystal Renn back on the fashion map.

He firmly believes than women of all shapes and sizes can look good in his clothes.

“There are so many women that inspire me. My clothes are like chameleons that work in different walks of life,” he told GraziaDaily.

Mark added fashion fans should feel free to experiment – although he’d steer clear of floral designs as he loathes them.