Matthew Williamson Views Major Fashion Shows as an Advertisement

The British fashion star is known for his flowy creations, often made from metallic fabric or boasting bold patterns. Matthew’s pieces are epitomized by Sienna Miller during her boho heyday and he knows he’d struggle to move on from that aesthetic.

“People box you in and I think there are very few artists – whether you’re a musician or a painter or whatever – who can tear up the rule book and start again, and get away with it,” he told “I think that most designers build a foundation and a DNA, and I think that can become frustrating as a designer – because of course I have those moments when I think, ‘I want to do this, but it doesn’t look like me,’ – but I quite like to have that kind of structure.”

Matthew is proud that his creations are so instantly recognizable. He also thinks he’s come up with more than just fashion, calling his label more about “lifestyle”.

The designer spoke about the importance of the pre-collection pieces he offers in his stores. They are less high fashion than the main range and are usually easier for the average woman to wear with other things in her wardrobe.

They made up for well over half the label’s sales and have made Matthew think again about the importance of fashion shows.

“I now see the main shows as sort of the advert; the brand-building message to the industry – and I hope that’s the collection that buyers will come for, after seeing this, and just do a top-up,” he explained.