Miranda Kerr Anxious On Runway

The model doesn’t like her movie star husband watching her walk the runway because she feels under pressure to perform particularly well.

The Australian beauty has been married to the actor since July 2010 and they have 17-month-old son Flynn together.

“I never really want Orlando to be there in the audience of a show because it makes me nervous. But last year, he was like, ‘You have no choice, I’m coming’. And the one time he was attending the show, my shoe decided to fall off,” she told British magazine Harper’s Bazaar.

Miranda also spoke about her decision to give birth naturally, without the help of an epidural.

Flynn was born in January 2011 and the Victoria’s Secret Angel has admitted in the past that the birth wasn’t easy.

“I had been watching all these baby-bonding videos, and without epidural when the baby comes out it goes straight onto the breast. Then they showed ones right after the epidural, and that didn’t happen. The baby was a little bit drugged up, and I was like, ‘Well, I don’t want that.’ I wanted to give him the best possible start in life I could,” she said, adding that she didn’t feel under pressure to get back into her supermodel shape quickly. “My priority was just having my son and breastfeeding, which was something I really wanted to do, and it came easily. I’m actually still making milk now but, you know, he’s got teeth…”