Stella McCartney ‘organizes eco-friendly show’

The British designer showed off her new Resort line in New York City earlier this week. She threw a garden party for the event, with stars including Jim Carrey, Solange Knowles and Emily Mortimer in attendance.

It has been claimed the famously eco-friendly designer had strict instructions about how her guests should be ferried to the bash.

“A source heading to the Marble Cemetery fashion event in a hybrid sent by Big Apple Car Service overheard a dispatcher sounding the alarm for more hybrids to high-tail it to McCartney’s Meatpacking District studio to pick up celebs,” a source told New York Post.

Stella famously campaigns for animal welfare and refuses to use fur or leather in her collections. She has previously made a vegan-friendly range of pieces.

The star’s new resort line included bell bottom pants in candy shades, houndstooth suits and jackets and long pleated skirts.