Tali Lennox: Art Inspires Me

The model uses her creative side to channel her experiences from her travels and work.

While the 19-year-old remained humble about her talent, some of her sketches and drawings are set to be exhibited at the Whisper Gallery in London from tomorrow.

“I love looking at things, I love absorbing things and I think that’s what makes me be into art. It’s a translation of what you see – and you’re moving all the time, you’re traveling all the time in this job so I think that kind of keeps me going and keeps me really inspired,” she told UK TV show Lorraine before revealing she suffers from self-doubt like any other artist.

“Subjectively, when you think about it, sometimes you’re like, ‘This is great,’ and sometimes you’re like, ‘Oh my God I can’t do art at all,’ but I’d love to do more of it. It’s the one thing I can do when time just goes by and I can focus on it so much and it clears my head.”

Tali also spoke about following in her famous mother’s charity footsteps.

As a child, the brunette beauty accompanied iconic singer Annie to AIDS hospices in South Africa, but recently she has been undertaking her own missions.

“I did a recent trip to Sierra Leone with Christian Aid and I absolutely loved it. I had an amazing time and I know how much education my mother puts into it and how passionate she is about it and I think it’s something I definitely want to do more in the future,” she said. “But I do want to do it in my own way, I don’t just want to put my name on something and say, ‘I’m so passionate about this and I’m running that,’ because I know how much work goes into it.”