Anna Dello Russo has ‘incredible energy’ says Alan Journo

The milliner is the creative genius behind most of the fashion editor’s extravagant headpieces and spoke about his famous client.

While he praised her larger than life personality, he revealed the style icon doesn’t have any input into the hats he designs for her.

The Italy-based creative added that his pieces come at a price, joking he would love to make a headpiece for Britain’s Duchess of Cambridge if she could afford him.

“Anna has been a long time faithful customer and a great supporter. Thrilling! What an incredible energy! How many do you know like her? I love to surprise her,” he told Fashionista before speaking about royal style icon Catherine. “If she can afford me I will be delighted! My prices are between high and very high. I am an expensive guy.”

Alan loves to push limits “further and further”.

The hat designer is known for his flamboyant creations and frequently wows with his unique style, with past designs featuring oversized eggs and Peruvian dolls.

The fashion creative isn’t afraid to lead where others follow and overstep boundaries with his unique pieces.

“I have a very strong stage vision of fashion. I love playing on the edge, pushing the limits further and further,” he said. “I have passed my whole life discovering and promoting young, talented designers and I have never stopped designing my own line.”