Carol Alt Recalls Modeling Memories

Carol Alt “didn’t care” when she was told she looked like “sh*t” when she first entered the fashion industry.

Carol Alt never thought she was “gorgeous” upon entering the modeling industry.

The former supermodel appears in new HBO TV series About Face: Supermodels, Then And Now. The show tells the stories of the fashion industry’s most renowned women, including Carol, Christie Brinkley, Jerry Hall, Beverly Johnson, Isabella Rossellini and Cheryl Tiegs.

Carol, 51, shares her first experiences of the cut-throat industry in the series.

“It really was about making some money to help my father pay for my education. It was never, ‘Oh, I think I am so gorgeous.’

“When that first editor said to me, ‘You are too big for our clothes, your hair looks like sh*t, and who plucks your eyebrows?’ I was too big for their clothes, my hair did look like sh*t, and who the hell plucked my eyebrows – I did!” she laughed, according to Radar Online.

“It didn’t hurt me, I don’t care. I knew who I was, I knew where I was going. I am a fireman’s daughter from Long Island, and it will never change, ever.”

The documentary is directed by acclaimed photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders. The other stars on the show recall wild parties during their working years.

They also detail their struggles with drug abuse and insecurities.