Didier Grumbach says Haute Couture “will last forever”.

The incredibly exclusive and luxurious handcrafted collections have been predicted to cease for almost a century but the President of France’s Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture says their beautiful craftsmanship has saved them from extinction.

With the elite fashion production easing itself into the digital age and haute couture pieces available to buy online via new – and Chambre Syndicale accredited – website Modewalk, it seems that this sartorial niche will survive.

“Haute couture has been supposed to die since 1925. And as you see, it still exists and you are still interested. And when you speak to some brands, they would never consider for one minute to stop the couture, so for me couture will last forever,” Didier told fashionista.com. “But when you see that the major couture houses are the most meager manufacturers in ready-to-wear, then you wonder why it should stop.”

Grumbach also explained what makes haute couture so special for him. First and foremost, the designers knowledge of craftsmanship and the quality of the garments makes the items stand out.

“Well, it has been fashion, it must be art. It’s the savoir faire, because if it can be in ready-to-wear, why should it be handmade?” he explained, when asked whether couture is more fashion or art. “I think in haute couture the savoir faire is more important than the creativity. It is really to validate, to give the brand a special image which is missing when haute couture doesn’t exist.”

The Chambre Syndicale is the official regulating commission that determines which fashion houses can call themselves true haute couture producers.