Karlie Kloss was tourist in Paris

Karlie Kloss after the Jean Paul Gaultier Couture Fall 2012 show

The high-fashion event took place in France last week and Karlie was thrilled to walk the runway for the likes of Elie Saab and Versace.

Although the trip was mostly about work, Karlie did find time to relax as well.

“I brought my sister with me. We were total tourists one day, and we went to Versailles. We went home and watched Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, like, ‘We were there, we were there,’” she laughed to New York Post.

Now the fashion dates are over, the supermodel is looking to spend more time with her family. They are planning to travel to Denmark, which is where her loved ones are originally from.

“I just booked for the entire family. We’re meeting relatives we never met,” she explained.

Earlier this week, Karlie helped work on a charity mosaic in New York City. She thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it got her thinking about new hobbies.

“If I can do this here, maybe I’ll retile my bathroom,” she mused. “It’s not as hard as it looks. It’s kind of fun. It’s like arts and crafts.”