Kate Upton Blends In With the crowd

Photo by Miguel Reveiego

The Sports Illustrated model is famed for her generous assets. Kate embraces her curvy frame, although there are times when she wants to blend in with the crowd.

“Honestly, to be very open about it, I feel like my boobs can be too much if I’m wearing a bra,” she said. “Sometimes I want them to be a little more downplayed, so braless works better.

“I like to wear sexy lingerie even if nobody’s going to see it. It builds my confidence and makes me feel sexier throughout the day.”

Kate, 20, was small when she was growing up and didn’t grow until she was 15. All of a sudden she shot up to 5ft. 10ins. and grew curves, causing some teasing when she went to school.

Even some of her friends turned against her, but Kate doesn’t let that get her down.

“Girls in high school are just b***hes, in all honesty. The minute I started modeling, the girls were like, ‘Oh she’s a model — we can’t be friends with her any more.’ I was like, ‘What?’ Then I was fine. Friends come and go,” she told Style magazine.

Kate wants young models to know they shouldn’t feel pressured in the industry. She admits some people have made unwanted advances towards her, which she now knows how to handle.

“Ooh, I give them the evil eye,” she laughed. “Or I make some joke to make them feel really small.”