Laura Bailey “I Don’t Need Glam Holidays”

Photo by Gareth Cattermole

The British model opts for rustic and minimal settings and isolated locations when she travels for fun. Even when she visits a city as a personal choice, she is often reminded of work which can make her question her decision.

“I avoid glamor, grandeur and crowds on holiday,” Laura tells UK newspaper the Telegraph. “I do love cities but whenever I’m in one, I have a desire to run away into the countryside. I am the kind of person who always has a trip or two in my mind; if I am not on holiday, I am dreaming of the next one.”

The 39-year-old model describes her best holiday experience as one where she felt completely free. While in her day job she is forced to wear the shoes or clothes chosen for her by designers, when she is off duty Laura enjoys kicking back and mucking around.

“My best holiday was one last Easter, when I took my kids to Soneva Fushi. I worried that the Maldives wouldn’t live up to my fantasies, but it did. We swam with dolphins and baby sharks, ate like kings and played an insane amount of table tennis. Our room was probably the smallest on the island, with all of us in one bed, but it didn’t matter,” Laura explained. “When we arrived there were bicycles, exactly the right size, waiting for us all, and a box of toys for the children, which was so exciting for them. From then on, we took off our shoes and biked everywhere: the most liberating thing.”