Lena Hardt finds it hard to juggle school with Modeling

The model strutted for Burberry Prorsum’s Fall/Winter 12 catwalk show. It was the first time she’d graced the stage and she was petrified something would go wrong.

“My first show was Burberry and I was so nervous. But I loved it; it was such a cool atmosphere. It all happened so fast and it was so new — I had to concentrate really hard. I was so glad, because for the first shows, I had such good shoes. I was one of the lucky ones!” she told WWD.

The 17-year-old model is still at school, where she is studying maths and art. She loves it, but is also passionate about the fashion world.

Lena’s parents were unsure when she first mentioned her love of modeling, but after she scored turns on the catwalk for Yves Saint Laurent and Versace they realized how talented she was.

The model is now working out how to juggle school with her burgeoning career.

“It’s so hard because I live in two different worlds that are so different,” she said. “It’s hard to switch between them. It’s like, ‘OK, now you’re just a schoolgirl,’ and then, ‘Now you’re in New York and having an amazing time.’ Some of my teachers are very skeptical, and some of them have been very supportive. They know that you grow up faster when you’re traveling on your own. I don’t think my friends can really even imagine what I do — you have to live through it yourself.”