Mary Katrantzou says her designs are “more unique than couture”

Mary Katrantzou says her designs are “more unique than couture”.

The designer has been described as a ‘print magician’ for her tongue-in-cheek surrealist creations that fetch up to $48,000 apiece. She has already earned herself an army of celebrity fans including Keira Knightly, Alexa Chung and Solange Knowles.

“For those special clients we know their measurements and it will be fitted to them, so I guess that is couture,” Mary told British newspaper The Daily Telegraph. “It’s just more unique in its look than the traditional ball gown.”

As well as her famous following, the 29-year-old has a selection of high end clients queuing up for her hand-crafted showpieces. And it seems once you own one of Mary’s delectable designs, you will want another and another.

“The same women will buy from us at that level every season,” Mary said. “They’re the kind of women who buy couture. What we do isn’t quite as custom-made as that but these pieces are hand-finished; you can’t put them through a machine. They’ve told me that formerly they never wore color, usually only black, and yet they’ve bought our dresses season after season. They buy them for the design. They like the illusion it creates for their body.”

The Greek born fashion designer feels privileged to have studied at London’s famous Central Saint Martins college when she did. Mary has reflected on what the current economic climate back in Greece will mean for the next generation of designers. She hopes like her, they will not have their creativity capped and have similar chances.

“The saddest thing is that a lot of my friends, who wanted to do so many things, now feel as if there’s a cap on everything,” Mary said. “For those aged 16 or 17, creatively, culturally, they will come through the turmoil and get something great out of it. But for the people beyond that, at the time when they want to further their career or start a family, it is really difficult.”